Management of Projects

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Veel van de 16 sponsor bedrijven ondersteunen de leerstoel al jaren. Naast de jonge medewerkers die op cursus gaan, bieden de bedrijven ook vaak de gelegenheid voor afstudeeropdrachten. In de afgelopen jaren heb ik 187 studenten bij hun afstuderen begeleid (en de aantallen stijgen nog steeds). Daarmee doen we ook kennis op van die bedrijven en komen we tot verbeteringen voor project management in zijn geheel.

Een overzicht van de studenten en hun afstudeerscripties staat hieronder weergegeven om een indruk te geven van het type onderzoek dat uitgevoerd wordt.

    Marwan Riad (Fluor, 2023)
    Impact of culture on collaboration in EPCM projects

    Bas Groen (RWS, 2023)
    Tenders in the Dutch construction industry

    Rahul Kumar (TU Delft, 2023)
    Effects of diversity on the social structure of a project team

    Jean-Marie Hemel (BAM, 2023)
    Moving towards a sustainable housing construction supply chain

    Alexandru Rizea (Witteveen+Bos, 2023)
    Using serious gaming to alter the risk appetite of stakeholders involved in a construction project

    Hugo Smienk (Heijmans, 2023)
    5D computer-based modelling as tool to increase the manageability of indirect construction costs

    Jinghua Ning (DPS Group Global, 2022)
    Synergistic implementation of LPS and Scrum in construction projects

    Robert de Nie (Drees and Sommer, 2022)
    The effect of ties on trust in inter-organisational design teams

    Marco van der Zwaag (BAM, 2022)
    Data-driven decision-making for circular building design

    Ali Farokhi (TU Delft, 2022)
    Application of business intelligence dashboards in enterprise asset maintenance management

    Vikas Sharma (RHDHV, 2022)
    Opportunity management

    Evangelia Rizopoulou (Janssen de Jong, 2022)
    Sub-components’ lead time optimisation in pre-cast concrete house-building industry

    Anniek Bertels (Dura Vermeer, 2022)
    The influence of empathy on project performance

    Sief Andriopoulos (Port of Rotterdam, 2022)
    Identifying hydrogen import terminal performance drivers

    Anastasia Kyriakou (TUD, 2022)
    Diversity and project performance

    Roy van Eijgen (Dura Vermeer, 2022)
    Deciding the right course of action to deal with changes in law and regulations in contract management

    Wail Abdellaoui (TUD, 2022)
    Schaarste in constructiematerialen

    Pranava Satish (Bilfinger Tebodin, 2022)
    Sustainable project management

    Niels Boelens (Count and Cooper, 2022)
    The influence of big data on the process of planning during the tender phase of large infrastructure

    Jerry Gerges Tadrous (Gem.Amsterdam, 2022)
    Development of a tool influencing stakeholders to use sustainable construction logistics solutions

    Rinke de Jonge (RHDHV, 2022)
    Exploring the impact of the EU ETS allowance price on sustainable construction: a Dutch case study

    Ascharya Sharma (ePM, 2022)
    Organizational impact on project team efficiency

    Bent Schleipfenbauer (BAM, 2022)
    Machine learning in opportunity management

    Napoleon Giorgios Athanasiadis (TUD, 2022)
    A study of the implementation of digital technologies for improving steel reuse

    Suzan van Werkhoven (Dura Vermeer, 2022)
    Risk management

    Joris Stolk (BAM, 2022)
    Early warning signs

    Mustapha Kabalan (TUD, 2021)
    Critical factors of inter-organisational collaboration for interconnected infrastructure construction projects

    Jason Tzanakakis (Sweco, 2021)
    BIM execution plan related to project size

    Tom Oorschot (Hollandia Infra, 2021)
    Information flow in a matrix organisation

    Georgios Athanasiou (TenneT, 2021)
    Sustainable procurement practices

    Ranar Wahyudhi (FertilizerCo, 2021)
    Learning from Turnarounds

    Daniela Orona (Netlipse, 2021)
    Towards a more connected Europe: An explorative research on enhancing cooperation on LIPs with neighbouring countries

    Yassmin Hasan (Levvel, 2021)
    Second order effects

    Igor Peco (Levvel, 2021)
    Second order effects

    William Benard (Strukton, 2021)
    Improved collaboration between contractor and engineering agency to realise an integral design

    Tianlin Ma (TUD, 2021)
    Development of fit for purpose project management

    Vrajesh Ved (Bilfinger Tebodin, 2021)
    Project communication: Enhancing the communication practices of a design team for achieving success

    Juan Osa Mesa (Witteveen+Bos, 2021)
    Cost estimation of construction projects using 5D BIM

    Sultan Akbar (Bina Marga, 2021)
    Local community involvement for Indonesian national bridge systems

    Sujith Mahadevan (Witteveen+Bos, 2021)
    Addressing the most critical barrier to collaboration in BIM teams

    Christian Massaad (Witteveen+Bos, 2021)
    Opportunity management in complex infrastructure projects

    Ahmad Abu Daqa (RHDHV, 2021)
    Identifying causes of time overrun in government-initiated projects

    Frederique Batelaan (Dura Vermeer, 2021)
    The interaction between project performance and the project team competences

    Leonie Kostman (Arcadis, 2021)
    How can flexibility enablers facilitate the management of project complexity?

    Saurabh Varanasi (Pro6 managers, 2021)
    Comparison of the collaboration methods in Dutch Bouwteam model with international contracts

    Daniel Dingelstad (BAM, 2021)
    Opportunity management in construction project management

    Akash Singh (RWS, 2021)
    Enhancing flexibility in project scope with the help of value engineering

    Lise Andringa (Drees and Sommer, 2021)
    Processing complexities in conjunction with risks to support the project risk management

    Theodora Stratton (Ballast Nedam, 2020)
    Using Q methodology and critical success factors to discover perspectives on project risk management within a main contractor organisation

    Esteban Castro Baeza (Count and Cooper, 2020)
    Risk Management Framework for Innovation in Construction Projects

    Boming Chen (Delft, 2020)
    Selecting a suitable method for price forecasting of construction works

    Akshaya Bomanwar (Schiphol Group, 2020)
    Developing a framework for prioritization of decisions for the existing asset portfolio

    Robin Excel (Arcadis, 2020)
    Implementing BIM throughout a project life cycle

    Niek Lauret (Aratis, 2020)
    NEC4 ECC contracting for Dutch inner-city infrastructure projects

    Chrysa Nefeli Karantani (BAM, 2020)
    Towards an agile approach for the management of changes

    Sebastian Velez Malo (TUD, 2020)
    Influence of collaboration in the management of BIM based construction projects

    Marialena Koptsopoulou (BAM, 2020)
    Return on Investment of BIM and Digital Construction for International Projects

    Juan D’coutho (Copper8, 2020)
    Realising circular ambitions within the built environment

    Sankeerth Gangapatnam (Dura Vermeer, 2020) Scope creep in onshore wind farm projects

    Christos Topalidis (ProRail, 2020)
    Different Levels: Same Goals. How to enable members of the organisation to harmonise alignment

    Rosa Bos (Arcadis, 2020)
    Windows for circularity

    Satish Jyotsni (VDL, 2020)
    Agile projects in manufacturing

    Cindy Lu (IV Infra, 2020)
    Improved business models for circular economy projects

    Madhura Surve (ATOsborne, 2020)
    Stimulating flexibility in construction project management in terms of planning and decision making

    Marnix van der Donk (Dura Vermeer, 2020)
    Improving cost estimating and cost monitoring by the contractor during design and build contracts

    Rais Madhar (KWD, 2020)
    Project risk management and personality traits

    Matias Biese (Witteveen+Bos, 2020)
    Infrastructure products as a service

    Mauricio Pico (TU Delft, 2020)
    Effective Inter-Organizational Collaboration for Interconnected Infrastructure Projects

    Raed Moustafa (RHDHV, 2020)
    A roadmap to enhance the implementation of relational contracts in the Dutch construction

    Willem Limpers (Sweco, 2020)
    Green public procurement in the Dutch construction sector

    Annemieke van Pelt (RWS, 2020)
    Approach of contract managers

    Lisa Santen (Witteveen+Bos, 2020)
    The role of relational governance for achieving sustainability in infrastructure by using MEAT criteria

    Jolanda de Hoog (Ballast Nedam, 2020)
    Client-contractor collaboration in bouwteams: a contractor’s perspective

    Reinout Pieters (Witteveen+Bos, 2020)
    Client and contractor, together

    Paulien Neppelenbroek (DuraVermeer, 2019)
    Improving the application of risk management in utility building construction projects governed by UAC-IC 2005

    Ana Versteeg Conlledo (Arup, 2019)
    Managing circular construction projects

    Daniel Baas (Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, 2019)
    Strategies towards effective emission reduction of the inland shipping industry in the port of Rotterdam

    Boedi Diepersloot (Balance, 2019)
    Exploring the use of agile project management for infrastructure projects

    Nesaneth van Slobbe (Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, 2019)
    A process framework for the transition to circular urban area development of M4H

    Antonio Perrone (Witteveen+Bos, 2019)
    Promoting cooperation through risk sharing

    Ynze Strikwerda (APPM, 2019)
    Increasing complexity to improve project success

    Athanasia Mantzouka (BAM International, 2019)
    Improving the risk management process in large construction projects

    Hoda Mousavi Movahed (BAM International, 2019)
    The most efficient project organisation model for large and complex projects

    Kevin Septian (TU Delft, 2019)
    Selecting large infrastructure projects with belief-based best-worst method

    Joost Tegelberg (Ballast Nedam, 2019)
    Evaluating the effect of planning decisions in repetitive construction projects using a discrete event model

    Yaron Hendriks (ASML, 2019)
    Managing projects agile

    Oznur Bozmaz (BAM Infra, 2019)
    Design change in BIM

    Kevin van der Kruis (Dura Vermeer, 2019)
    The interplay between the contract type and the management of cost groups

    Nefeli Peponi (Royal BAM Group, 2019)
    Process standardisation in the construction industry

    Anastasia Kotoudi (RHDHV, 2019)
    Enhancing team collaboration in partnerships for construction projects

    Jeroen Eversdijk (Fluor, 2019)
    Identifying collaborative trends in a project team environment

    Yara Kharoubi (RHDHV, 2019)
    Towards 5D BIM: Process map for effective design and cost estimation integration

    Felipe Reinel (BP, 2019)
    Multidimensional labour resource visualisation for integrated turnarounds

    Vishwajeet Kushwaha (TechnipFMC, 2019)
    Towards information integrated design management

    Elvira Partoredjo (PHBM, 2019)
    Circular economy within integrated contracts

    Tom Damen (Pacer, 2019)
    Risk allocation in DBFM Projects

    Jeroen van Wijngaarden (Twijnstra and Gudde, 2019)
    Collaboration in construction consortia

    Alyssa Ma-Ajong (BosKalis, 2019)
    Agile systems engineering

    Roos van Riggelen (Antea Group, 2019)
    Implementatie van een Bouwteam aanpak

    Jeroen van Wijngaarden (Company, 2019)
    Collaboration in construction consortia

    Arash Zirak (Company, 2019)
    Front end loading in the oil and gas industry: towards a fit for purpose front-end development phase

    Oznur Bozmaz (BAM Infra, 2019)
    Change management by using BIM 4D

    Stephanie Koning (TUD, 2019)
    How dealing with external complexities can be enhanced by applying collaboration between public client and contractor in construction projects

    Ruby Kroon (Witteveen+Bos, 2019)
    The future of construction: augmented works

    Nejc Svent (Mott McDonald, 2019)
    Evaluating technical complexity of infrastructure construction projects: the lender's perspective

    Denise Huizing (Dura Vermeer, 2019)
    Exploring the effects of as-a-service characteristics in project delivery methods to achieve circular infrastructure projects

    Max van Lambalgen (Company, 2019)
    Early contractor involvement

    Mesut Bozkurt (Delft, 2019)
    Failure costs in the building industry

    Abhishek Borpujari (Engie, 2019)
    The effect of multiple interventions in a project

    Maarten van der Kaaij (Count and Cooper, 2019)
    Short-cyclic scheduling in construction projects

    Rosanne Stel (RHDHV, 2019)
    Sustainable project management

    Fotis Avdis (TU Delft, 2019)
    Labour productivity in relation to project success

    Flora Bai (Witteveen+Bos, 2018)
    Using BIM to facilitate the information flow in stakeholder management

    Erik Engelhart (Fluor, 2018)
    Designing construction management

    Hilde Keizer (Sweco, 2018)
    Competent tender management

    Demetris Zachariou (Fluor, 2018)
    Schedule risk analysis

    Atul Pathak (Arcadis, 2018)
    Optimising projects costs by applying probabilistic engineering on BIM quantity takeoffs

    Frank Heimeriks (TU Delft, 2018)
    The role of principal and agent in the validation phase of construction projects

    Arjan Oosterhof (RHDHV, 2018)
    A mismatch between clients and engineering consultants in EPCM contracts: an exploratory study towards alignment by relational and contractual governance

    Daniel van der Horst (IBA, 2018)
    The fit for purpose construction project manager

    Sai Mukkala (Fluor, 2018)
    Project strategy: best practices for effective implementation of project strategy

    Julian Odio Pozuelo (BAM International, 2018)
    Construction Project Performance Control Using 4D BIM

    Gigi Zacheo (RHDHV, 2018)
    Applying lessons learned

    Roeland Rustema (KWDResultaatmanagement, 2018)
    Fitting agile project management in an organisational context

    Dirk van Wijck (RHDHV, 2018)
    Early contractor involvement

    Arjun Jayakumar (Engie, 2018)
    The management of small projects

    Catharina de Jong (Balance, 2018)
    Fit for purpose project management

    Karolina Lorys (Fluor, 2018)
    Productivity in construction industry

    Xander Zonneveld (Fluor, 2018)
    Organisational Effectiveness

    Sarah Kleijn (DuraVermeer, 2018)
    Een probabilistische planning voor het project A6 Almere Havendreef – Almere Buiten Oost

    Arlette Westhoff (Ernst and Young, 2018)
    The relation between risks and returns in wind park investments

    Sheneequa van Lieshout (Witteveen en Bos, 2018)
    Towards design productivity improvement

    Hilde Eijkelkamp (VolkerInfra, 2018)
    Inducing change in a conservative industry

    Jasper Sonneveld (AllSeas, 2018)
    Building agile teams

    Florine Reijndorp (Pacer, 2018)
    Scope management: identifying possibilities to improve

    Danny Hols (RWS, 2018)
    An explanatory research on the risk apetite concept

    Soufian Ahdi (Antea Group, 2017)
    Lean management in construction projects

    Vasileios Vasileiadis (Fluor, 2017)
    Improving the workings of dispersed project teams

    Bob van Eeden (IBA, 2017)
    The adaptation of the IPM model to a municipal organisation

    Maarten Kröse (Heijmans, 2017)
    Interface management on large infrastructure projects

    Yves Eggermont (Fluor, 2017)
    Improved collaboration between contractor and subcontractor

    Edward de Wit (Parkway6, 2017)
    Toetsing van verificatiemethoden in constructie

    Kshiteej Shrikhande (ASML, 2017)
    Appreciation of project management by planning under uncertainties in a high tech company

    Basiel Rijnen (Fluor, 2017)
    Considering project goal feasibility in decision-making during project execution in large industrial projects

    Arlette Westhoff (Accenture, 2017)
    Evaluating the impact of the Value Office

    Annelot Verbruggen (KWD Resultaatmanagement, 2017)
    A project manager's journey towards agile project management

    Lawk Raoof (Sweco, 2017)
    Stakeholder management in infrastructure projects

    Rickwin Huisman (Arup, 2017)
    Successfully re-using lessons learned in projects

    Walter van Jaarsveld (BAM, 2017)
    Managing change in construction projects

    Mariska Overkleeft (Arcadis, 2017)
    Procuring innovative solutions in the Dutch construction industry

    Allard de Stoppelaar (Arup, 2017)
    Towards Agile Contracting

    Lotte van der Kuijp (Inros Lackner (DE), 2017)
    Risk management for African infrastructure projects in practice

    Wouter de Rooij (AT Osborne, 2017)
    Organising for project complexity

    Juan Laguado Lancheros (NACO, 2016)
    Holistic approach to runway rehabilitation works

    Walid Atmar (Heijmans, 2016)
    Project complexity and construction planning

    Joris Kusters (Witteveen+Bos, 2016)
    Improving control in construction of infrastructure projects

    Farid Seyedullah (EBN, 2016)
    Project improvements for a Non-Operating Partner

    Xander van Schie (RHDHV, 2016)
    A road map for constructive collaboration among stakeholders

    Floris Alta (Balance/Waterschappen, 2016)
    Project management maturity of the Dutch Waterboards

    Harshal Patil (Fluor, 2016)
    Analysis of the refinery project execution from an organisational effectiveness perspective

    Tom van Breukelen (JP van Eesteren, 2016)
    Visualising the status of building elements in construction projects

    Antonio Covas Jorge (Management Innovation, 2016)
    Fit for purpose project controls

    Terry van Roode (Witteveen+Bos, 2016)
    Classifying the contextual dependency of critical quality factors

    Piet Greven (Balance/Waterschappen, 2016)
    Project portfolio management

    Wouter Stijntjes (Shell, 2016)
    Piloting the new Project Management Framework

    Joris Obdam (KWD, 2016)
    A framework for project complexity in IT

    Govert van Berckel (Shell, 2016)
    Improving the front end definition of brownfield E&P projects

    Coen Mertens (Structon, 2015)
    Maintenance planning optimalisation of hydraulic structures

    Petar Zhivkov (RHDHV, 2015)
    Improving the PM of large construction projects in developing countries

    Ewout Vossen (Accenture, 2015)
    Exploring the effects of project complexity factors on labour productivity

    Fan Wang (Fluor, 2015)
    Creating a high performance project team

    Chris van de Loo (NAP SIG, 2015)
    Fit for purpose project management (SIG PM)

    Jason Toelen (Shell, 2014)
    Valve optimalisation

    Kshitij Parashar (Shell, 2014)
    Stakeholders’ value visualization for a non-destructive testing product and service combination

    Sidharth Mahalingam (Applus RTD, 2014)
    Exploration of business models for product-service combination in a B2B context

    Somendra Narayan (Applus RTD, 2014)
    Price determination in B2B product service markets

    Meghdad Rezaeimoghaddam (CB&I, 2014)
    Risk management in integrated contracting

    Maedeh Molaei (DSM, 2013)
    Lean management of large capital projects

    Martin Maayen (All Seas, 2013)
    Abandonment and Recovery System

    Wim Moree (Joulz, 2013)
    Influence of contract types on the effectiveness of owner-contractor relationships

    Gijs van Vrede (Sunuru, 2012)
    How to project manage a start-up company

    Sara Kraus (Shell, 2012)
    Small project execution – fit for purpose

    Thilak Raj Narayanadoss (Shell, 2012)
    Valorisation of process intensification technologies

    Jan Smit (Huisman, 2011)
    Optimization of Project Risk Management for the Heavy Construction Industry

    Freek Meulman (TAQA, 2011)
    Dynamics of complexity in large engineering projects

    Anne Vonk Noordergraaf (CBI, 2011)
    How to get the right people on the project? The implications of project complexity on project team compilation

    Olivier Kooy (ePM, 2011)
    Learning the lessons learned in project based organisations (simulation)

    Arsalan Arshad (Shell, 2011)
    Improving predictability of complex projects

    Lizet Bloo (LM Glasfibre, 2011)
    A KPI management system

    Jordy Wentink (Hertel, 2010)
    Using the complexity framework in a maintenance environment

    Jeroen Smith (Shell, 2010)
    Understanding the relationships between project complexity, front end development and project success in complex engineering projects in the process industry

    Suzanne Brouwer (Gemeenten Zuid-Limburg, 2010)
    Exploring private tendering processes for possible benefits in the public sector tendering process

    Krijn van Eeten (Strukton, 2009)
    Added value of the competitive dialogue compared to traditional tendering within the Dutch building industry

    Sergio Garcia del Rio (Royal HasKoning, 2009)
    Front end loading to execute successful capital projects: evaluation in the waste water treatment field

    Stephan Hermanides (Shell, 2009)
    Project complexity and front end development: towards a contingency approach

    Geert Jan van Leeuwen (Atos Consulting, 2009)
    The business case in practice

    Roald Arkesteijn (Shell, 2009)
    Present perspectives on project succes

    Gerbert van der Weijde (Shell, 2008)
    Front end loading in the oil and gas industry: towards a fit front-end development phase

    Tim van Pelt (Shell, 2008)
    Building bridges between projects: using post-project reviews to enable inter-project learning

    Yuri Jongkind (Shell, 2008)
    Rubik’s cube in project complexity: a concept model to determine complexity in projects

    Wu Jun-Ju (SSG Delft, 2009)
    Enhancement of the Delft safety management system model

    Deniz Gurhan (Heineken, 2008)
    New Bottling Concept

    Wang Xiaolin (Akzo, 2008)
    Physical properties of ionic liquids